What is PLTS?

Our 50 minute high-intensity, full-body Reformer and Barre classes will crush calories, improve strength and posture all while working to lengthen and tone those muscles. Both classes are high intensity, so get ready to embrace that shake, but are suitable for age, gender, and fitness level who is craving a healthy lifestyle. Our workouts are intelligently designed to complement one another, so mix them up for the best results.

Reformer Pilates

Get ready to plank, lunge, pike, twist, mermaid, and we’ve got a whole new definition scrambled eggs for you. Our reformer pilates class is done on a hypermodern reformer machine, so your full body workout will take place with the resistance of weighted springs that will result in constant (and killer) core engagement. This workout activates your slow-twitch muscle fibers, leading to the lean and toned muscles we are looking for, not to mention the up to 700 calories you’ll be burning each session. This class will take you out if your comfort zone to achieve more with that beautiful body than you ever dreamed you could.


Barre Workouts

Toned arms, firmer core & abs, thinner thighs and a higher & tighter booty– go ahead and try to tell us you don’t want some of that? Our high-intensity technique uses small, focused moments for stellar results by working each muscle group to the point of exhaustion and then stretching and lengthening those muscles nice and long, just how we like them.

It’s not only all about the lean muscle though, just after a couple of classes you’ll already notice improved flexibility, posture, and balance. Our barre classes are always evolving, you’ll never take the same class twice. So you will be challenged and trust us, you will have fun while bringing that barre sass & getting that killer booty.


Small Group

Both our Barre & Reformer classes have a maximum of 10 students and are taught in a separate room for every type of class. The maximum of 10 students allows your trainer to watch and correct your technique and alignment. Try out both type of classes!