PLTS offers a workout unlike any other: the best High Intensity, small-group Reformer Pilates Workout that will transform your entire body.

The PLTS workouts strengthen your core, improve flexibility and alignment, and get your heart pumping during every 50 minute class for the healthy, toned and strong body you’re after.


Each PLTS Reformer Pilates and Barre class has a maximum of 10-13 members per class, ensuring personalized attention for constant guidance and improvement.

Challenge yourself to change your body and feel more confident and empowered every day. 

Create a PLTS account, purchase the package of your choice, and reserve your spot in any available class.

We recommend all first-timers at PLTS try a 3 Class Intro Pack to get a feel for the workouts & try our Reformer Pilates Foundations Class.


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Get ready to plank, lunge, pike, twist, and catfish your way through this high-intensity workout filled with our own take on your favourite Pilates exercises.

Each Reformer Pilates class is done on our very own PLTS reformer machine, so your full-body workout will take place with the resistance of weighted springs, resulting in constant (and killer) core engagement.

This workout activates your slow-twitch muscle fibers, leading to the lean and toned muscles  you’re looking for, not to mention the enormous amount of calories you’ll be burning each class.

PLTS Reformer Pilates classes will challenge you to achieve more with that powerful body of yours than you ever dreamed you could.


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Our beat-driven and intense Barre class (only offered at PLTS West) will help you achieve the sculpted, strong and lean body you’re after. Through a mix of fitness exercises based loosely on traditional ballet moves, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Each barre routine is a full-body workout that’s high intensity, challenging, and fun, not only leaving you feeling energized, but toning your muscles, sculpting your body, and strengthening your core.