Breathing Through Difficult Times – A Guide By Holistik

Breathing Through Difficult Times – A Guide By Holistik

As the quarantine continues, so do our attempts to make your life a little easier. In today’s post, we’ve collaborated with the online magazine Holistik to bring you a breath of fresh air. These surreal times have been accompanied for many by a wave of fear and stress. Whether it is work, finance or health related, we are left with much worry guided by uncertainty. You may or may not know that breathing can be a very powerful emotional detox. As a result, it is possible to release tremendous amounts of tension from the body, simply by breathing the right way. Holistik reunited three breathing techniques to share with us, inspired by Max Strom, breath work expert.

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Start by lying on your back and rest your hand on the little space between your ribs and belly button. Each time you inhale, fill your upper abdomen with air. When you exhale, bring the belly in. Take your time. Take long breaths in and long breaths out. Try to extend your breath so that it becomes slow, yet more comfortable. At this point, you want to maintain your focus on your breath, with the air coming in and out of your nose. If you are a little more experienced with breathing techniques, you could give Ujjayi breath (or ocean breath) a go. Never tried it before? You can follow along this video to have go at it.



Unfortunately, grief may appear unexpectedly for some of us. Max recommends to start by sitting on a chair or on the couch or on the floor, as long as you can maintain your spine straight and comfortable. Place your hands on your rib cage, holding the side of your ribs. Start breathing into your hands – as in, inhale deeply into your rib cage so that your hands are visibly pushed out and in. The aim is to breathe horizontally. This means that you can use your hands as a visual aid: breath inwards pushes the hands out horizontally, breathing out brings them back horizontally too. If you have been holding on to your emotions, breathing in such way will likely make you cry. And that’s ok! Take a big breath and let it go.


This method requires a little less concentration and can be done anywhere, anytime. Simply relax your entire body only at the very end of your exhalation. You may choose to breathe deeply or normally, just allow your entire body to soften a little more after each exhalation. If it helps, you may picture your worry leaving your body through your exhalation, resulting in you feeling a little lighter at the end of each exhale.

We hope that these methods will help you work your way through these surreal times. No matter what you are going through, remember that if there is one thing you can control right now, it is your breathing. If you wish to read more about the benefits of breathing correctly and how it can really elevate your life, head to Holistik to read more interviews and great tips!

If you’re interested in more tips and tricks to get you through the quarantine, check out our other articles on the blog!


Stay healthy & see you on the reformer!



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