Wanted: Great trainers & Front Desk Angels

We are always on the lookout for exceptional staff for our wonderful studio. Flexible & friendly front desk angels are always wanted. Do you think you could teach Barre or Reformer Pilates and are open to learn it the PLTS way?

Send your application to renee@PLTS.nl.


Our luxuriously well styled -Amsterdam based- boutique studio is praised for its positive energy & great lighting. We’ve made it our main priority to create an inspiring environment where our two different but complementary workouts –High Intensity Reformer Pilates & Barre- will make you want to engage that core, work on those long, lean muscles & provide you with loads of energy.

In our well equipped bath- & dressing rooms you can indulge yourself in the luxurious products by Marie Stella Maris & get ready for the rest of your day.

We sell all organic cold pressed vegetable juices, healthy Clean Meals to go and water by Marie Stella Maris as well as special toe socks that will provide you with that grip you’ll need on the hypermodern reformer & barre floor.