Maintaining A Healthy Mindset In Quarantine

Maintaining A Healthy Mindset In Quarantine

It’s safe to say that we are in a strange and unique position. COVID-19 has turned our world and routines upside down and we now must stay inside in order to keep ourselves & others safe. Before anything, we have to start by accepting that this situation is likely to last a little longer. Of course, we can accelerate our return to normal by taking this pandemic seriously and respecting our government’s regulations. But ultimately, social isolation is likely to continue for some time. This time can be distressing for many, which makes taking care of your mental health right hugely important now.

We turned to the PLTS community on Instagram and ask how everyone is taking care of their mental health at the minute. Here is the advice we got:

A few members of the community had the same feedback and recommended meditation as their go-to self-care moment right now!
Another recommendation was a simple one: cooking! For many, the act of cooking can be therapeutic and just plain make you feel happy. As one of our mothers once wisely said, “Food is love”. If cooking isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it, but try to practice an activity that motivates you & fills your heart up.
Practice healthy breathing
Another member of the PLTS community suggested a tried & true for her, practicing a healthy breathing routine! She shared that she notices much more tension when she doesn’t do this routine. Try this one out!
Schedule your workout
You might not get to practice your normal schedule of workout classes, but take matters into your own hands and make an appointment with yourself to work out! Add it to your digital calendar or notebook, add an alarm on your phone… wherever you normally schedule workouts, make sure to add them in so you can organize your work day & keep focused!
Don’t stay in bed
One final tip we loved: get up in the morning in time to have your breakfast, tea, or coffee in peace instead of eating it behind your computer!

Now, here’s our best advice for maintaining a healthy mindset during quarantine:

Focus on what you can control.

Uncertainty can be scary. More than ever, it is time to focus on what you can be doing right now. If you’re having a rough time figuring out a good work-from-home routine, check out our remote working tips post! If you’re concerned about supplies, maybe this is the time to empty the cupboards. Make a list of what you have, what you can do with it and then figure out what you need. Are you worried about finances? Then take some time to make a budget.

Be kind.

The virus does not discriminate. Hoarding food or supplies, glaring at people and being cruel will not help you stay safe. It’s completely ok to feel scared and angry, but taking it out on other people will not improve anything. This is a time where, despite social isolation, we need each other more than ever. Some people may be having a really hard time, so this is the chance to support and help them out. Remember to take care of your friends and family by regularly checking in on them or helping out those who cannot leave their homes at all with their groceries and other errands. Kindness is completely free after all, it would be a shame to keep it to yourself.

Find peace.

This can be interpreted in many different ways and will depend on the individual. You now have the opportunity to pursue actions that help to slow down racing thoughts and worries. Find something that makes you feel as if you just let out the biggest sigh of your life.

For some, it might be to have a clean space. If this is you, take an afternoon off and Marie Kondo the hell out of your home. For others, it might be to get busy and feel accomplished. If this sounds like you, find an activity within which you can get in a state of flow, or a state where you become so absorbed in your task you forget about everything else. You could repaint a wall, start a new book or join an online course – really it could be anything that requires your full attention. Note that by finding peace, we mean peace of mind. You don’t have to be sitting in a quiet room. Blast your favorite playlist on full blast and dance like nobody is watching you (because nobody is and nobody will for a while) if sitting down and meditating isn’t your thing!

Learn to disconnect.

We all stress the importance of staying in touch with each other and we know this is actually quite easy, thanks to technology. However, that does not mean you should be glued to your phone 24/7. If spending hours on Instagram makes you feel unhappy on a normal basis, then there is no reason why it would suddenly make you feel brilliant now that you cannot leave your house. The same applies to reading the news constantly. Of course, it is essential to stay informed with the latest updates, but if this situation is making you feel stressed, constantly checking the news will not make easier. It’s important to unplug from time to time as well. We dare you to watch an entire movie without looking at your phone once!

Take care & see you on the reformer!

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