How to Pull Yourself Out Of A Funk?

How to Pull Yourself Out Of A Funk?


You’ve been in social isolation for a bit now and the novelty of it might be waning; you’re in a funk. Maybe you feel a little less motivated to get up to do your usual routine. Maybe you feel like working from your bed today (and tomorrow and the next…). And maybe you even don’t really want to join our daily live workouts anymore. You’ve lost your mojo and feeling a little ‘bleh’…

we can relate! Nobody likes feeling stuck and unmotivated. So, we created a little list of tips to pull yourself out of it and get the ball rolling again!


Let’s start easy:

1. Open the windows! Every day, no matter the weather, let some fresh air in. 5-10 minutes in the morning and the same at night. If you have a garden or a balcony, try to spend that time outside. If it’s sunny, you’ll feel replenished. If it’s raining, you’ll be happier to be back inside afterwards 😉

2. Make some small, simplifying changes to your environment. Now that you are doing everything at home, it’s time to refresh your space to meet your needs & a new routine. If you don’t have a home office, dedicate a specific corner of your dining table for work & a chair that you only use when it’s time to work or study. Commit to making your bed every morning and don’t touch it until it’s time to sleep again. Dedicate space in a shelf/bin/basket with your work out gear ready to use and set yourself a friendly reminder every day at the same time to get yourself moving.

3. Have a reset day. Dedicate one day to reset entirely: mind, body & space. Start by turning off your phone or notifications. Next, create three checklists: admin, deep cleaning, self-care. Start with the list you look forward to the least and work yourself down the list within a specific set time depending on your needs. For instance, give yourself three hours to do your taxes, reply to emails you’ve been ignoring and organize your digital space. Follow this by two hours to deep clean your house and then another three hours to thoroughly exfoliate your entire body, put all of the masks on and chill in your nicely cleaned & organized space. Do this every week or every month!


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Want to go further?

4. Check your life buckets, are they full? According to Jonathan Field, we have three life buckets: vitality (the state of our mind and body), connection (the state of our relationships) and contribution (whether you feel like you are contributing to others). The level of these buckets varies and a quarantine is definitely a time where they might become emptier than usual. This test will help you establish your bucket levels – understanding what you are lacking is the first step to making small changes. Low vitality levels? You could try following a new healthy recipe. Need more connections? How about downloading the Houseparty app and invite all your friends to it? Or maybe your contribution bucket is struggling, then you could go do grocery shopping for your elderly neighbour or decide to donate 1 euro everyday to your favorite charity until the end of quarantine. There are many ways to make these buckets fill and overflow and, now that you have some time, we highly recommend reading Jonathan Field’s book “How to Live a Good Life”.

5. Do something out of your comfort zone. Of course, it’s not the time to go bungee jumping, but make good use of this time away from other people to explore one thing you never took the chance to try.

6. Exercise, exercise, exercise! It simply is a bulletproof method. If you do not fancy one big workout a day, then split it up! How about 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes after lunch time and 15 minutes in the evening? By doing so, you keep yourself moving regularly & get the opportunity to mix up your training! For example, you could do a high intensity circuit in the morning, a boosting yoga class after lunch time and a PLTS session after work to finish with a bang! You can follow our workouts on Instagram on IGTV.


Take care & see you on the reformer!



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