PLTS Reformer Pilates Amsterdam Teacher Zoe


Zoë’s super positive, inviting personality shines in each of her Reformer Pilates classes, during which she prides herself on giving a challenging workout full of guidance & corrections so you’re sure to get the most from each exercise! Her background in fitness is ranging and her perseverance in finding new ways to move means she’s on top of all the latest trends & keeps you on your toes.

Zoe’s immense love of fitness, workouts and reformer pilates is in her very core… needless to say, you don’t want to miss out on the powerful classes Zoë gives, you’ll walk out feeling the positivity and enthusiasm.  In Zoë’s own words, “I love how teaching is such a hands-on, direct way to help people, to give them a gift that they can take and make use of in their daily lives”.

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