Life During Quarantine: Interview With Karlijn Visser

Life During Quarantine: Interview With Karlijn Visser

We absolutely love knowing how PLTS members are doing both on and off the reformer. We are also very lucky to have amazing people that are part of the PLTS family! One of these people is Karlijn Visser, PLTS rockstar, editor and co-founder of the online magazine Holistik. The latter offers advice and tips for a slow progress towards a more holistic lifestyle, including valuable information to overcome times like we are experiencing right now. We couldn’t help ourselves to be a little nosy and want to know more about how Karlijn is dealing with quarantine. Keep reading to discover what her current routine looks like & for some helpful small changes to better your time in social isolation.


First of all, how has your life changed during this quarantine?

Karlijn: Before the lockdown, I had a totally different rhythm: I worked daily in our editorial office with the other Holistika’s, had many work-related appointments and often spent my evenings in restaurants or going to events. And, of course, a visit to PLTS twice a week was also part of my routine. Now, I still get up early but work and exercise from home. In order to add structure to my day, I plan 2 walks daily; sometimes alone, but usually with a friend. Then we first get coffee at the Koffie Academie and then head to Vondelpark for some fresh air. In the evening, I cook more nowadays, read books I didn’t have time for before and go to bed on time.

How would you say it impacts your work at Holistik?

Karlijn: Fortunately, Holistik is an online company and we can actually continue working from home. We write articles, work with partners and we release the Holistik Box four times a year with the arrival of a new season. We are in daily contact with our team. Usually by mail and telephone. In that case we are “old school”. Organizing meetins via Zoom is not yet in our system. I find with Zoom, there are always some connection issues and it can make me super nervous to have to look at my own face for so long *laughs*.

What is the most difficult part of the quarantine for you?

Karlijn: I miss Evelyn (my best friend and co-founder of Holistik) and the other Holistika’s. I miss the small jokes at our editorial office, drinking coffee together, helping each other out and being able to ask for feedback/inspiration myself when I get stuck making on an article or on our weekly newsletter that we always send on Sundays.


Do you find yourself implementing Holistik tips and advice within your daily life now more than before? Could you give us a top 3, for example? 

Karlijn: Absolutely! These are my 3 best tips that we recently discussed at Holistik too and from which I also learned something new:

  1. It helps my concentration to work in a tidy house. That is why I pay extra attention to cleaning up clothes that lie around, I keep my fridge tidy, with everything ready for breakfast and lunch at home. I immediately wash the dishes after I have eaten too. I like to work in the kitchen and I would definitely get annoyed if I had to work surrounded by a mountain of dishes.
  2. I use an essential oil diffuser. Lemon oil always immediately increases my concentration and sandalwood oil is also nice to calm thoughts.
  3. Exercise can help you to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. During exercise, happiness hormones (such as endorphins and dopamine) are produced. These hormones regulate the production of cortisol. In addition, exercise ensures that your body and mind become stronger and more resilient so that you can better handle stressful situations. However, it’s important to not exercise strenuously for more than an hour, because this can cause the cortisol level to increase again from the stress put on one’s body.


Have you taken on any new hobbies or projects during this time?

Karlijn: As a little girl I was already interested in the invisible world of energies, feelings and how we can activate the self-healing capacity of our body by programming our mind: for a healthier and happier life. To give more depth to this, in June I will start a training at The Four Winds academy in “shamanic healing & energy medicine”. Right now, I’m reading a lot about these subjects in preparation for my six-month course.


How do you take care of your mind, body and soul during the quarantine?

Karlijn: I eat healthy and usually at the same times. That gives structure to my day. In addition, I walk daily in nature, do my workouts, often set up a Yoga Nidra track and at the end of the day, I choose 3 moments to be thankful for. It might sound a little “too much” or “too good”, I know. Don’t be fooled, I also look forward to an evening of dancing and drinking vodka. But right now, if I need a little crazy to switch up from my soothing routine, then I’ll usually put on an episode of Tiger King (Netflix).


If you could give one uplifting piece of advice to all PLTS members, what would it be?

Karlijn: “In the rush to return to normal, let’s use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to” – Dave Hollis. This quote helped me a lot in the past few weeks to see some parts of my life from a different perspective. The consequences of these insights, supports me to save my energy for the things I really want to do and that really matter to me.


Thank you Karlijn for sharing with us!

Read more helpful quarantine advice from Holistik here and on their website!

See you on the reformer!

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