Meet The Trainers: Marco

Meet The Trainers: Marco

You see them during class, follow their guidance for 50 minutes, sweat and shake and maybe hate them as well for a short moment. But how much do you know about the PLTS trainers? Discover why these amazing people are the best guides in your journey to a stronger body & mind!


Meet Marco van Tintelen, our Founding Master Trainer!

Marco was born in Haarlem and has already accumulated over 25 years of experience in the fitness world as a personal trainer, a pilates instructor as well as a choreographer. Marco was previously a professional nation & international dancer, a passion which led him to continue his life journey in the fitness world. Since then, Marco has accumulated many years of training and experience and we’re extremely happy to be working with him!


Where did your passion for reformer pilates come from? How did it all start?

Like you saw, I’ve always been involved in fitness somehow. Around 2003, I was trained to become an instructor in ground, reformer as well as Cadillac and Chair pilates. This is really when my passion for reformer pilates started.


What is your PLTS story? How did you become involved?

I actually knew Guy (one of the founders & owners of PLTS) through education. When he and Renée created PLTS, we clicked and immediately trusted that working together would bring brilliant things.


How did you grow to become a Founding Master Trainer?

By relying on my background, experiences and visions of a good workout. I followed several trainings in the last few years. A year ago, I went to New York City to experience what kind of workouts they offer over there. I put a lot of effort into trying to improve myself as an instructor and guide to offer the best experience to members. Through the years, I’ve also used the feedback of professionals and customers to become better and continue improving the routines as well!


What is your responsibilities and your mission as a Founding Master Trainer?

To create new sequences, new routines every month, also in collaboration with other Master Trainers as well such as Jordi, Taylor and Renzo. Following this, I have to transmit and teach said new routine every month to the trainers. My mission is to keep the level of performance high and challenging for our members, so that they can keep improving and becoming stronger & stronger over time.


How are the routines made? What inspires you?

It starts mostly already weeks before the new sequence is released. I come up with ideas from the past and combine them with my teaching experience. After this, I work it out on paper, make some adjustments and then set the final routine. My inspiration comes from a combination of past experiences and fresh ideas from my surroundings and our trainers.


What sets PLTS routines apart?

Well, we offer a high-intensity workout in only 50 minutes. Within said workout, we keep a constant flow with the music (we work to follow the beat of the music) and where you quickly change to the next exercise. our workouts are highly efficient and can be adapted to any level. As a result, any member, regardless of the fitness background, will see fast results.


Why create a new routine every month? Do you use the same routine for a full month?

No, we do not use the same routine for a full month. We use the new sequence for a week and then switch back to a previous routine. Then, we switch back again to the new routine and so one. This means that every week, the routine is different and at the same time, members also know, to a certain extent, what to expect in the upcoming weeks. The advantage of doing so is that it keeps things challenging for members & allows them to stay focused; they do not have the time to become so ‘used’ to the new routine that it becomes too easy. At the same time, by going back and forth between routines, regular members can also track their progress.


Do you have any word of advice for beginners?

Don’t give up! At the beginning, it can be a little confusing to workout on the reformer. You need at least 3 to 4 classes to get comfortable with the machine and to understand what we ask from you. This could be a lot to handle at first but, step by step, you will discover how amazing this workout can make you feel and you might just become addicted!


Let’s talk a little about your routine in times of quarantine! How do you manage to stay fit & healthy right now?

I’ve been sticking to my usual routines by waking up early in the morning, setting goals for the day, establishing what I need to do and so on. With the beautiful weather, I’ve been doing long bike tours through nature. Recently, I also started picking up jogging again.


A little rapid-fire trivia


Favorite thing to do apart from teaching at PLTS?

Spending time with my 4 dogs!

Favorite food?

Chocolate 😬 and my favorite restaurant is called Dynasty.

Favorite quote?

“Je kan beter spijt hebben van de dingen die je wel gedaan hebt dan die je niet gedaan hebt”.

(For our non-Dutchies: “It’s best to regret things that you’ve done, rather than the things you didn’t do.”)

Favorite Netflix show?

Pose! I love this show.

Favorite PLTS exercise?

I admit I don’t have one specific favorite, I love the workout as a whole.

Favorite thing about being part of the PLTS team?

I’m so proud of  working with so many driven and hard-working people and of what PLTS has become.

What do you hope to bring into people’s lives?

I really want to make people feel happy, confident and proud of themselves.


See you on the reformer!

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