Meet The Trainers: Patrick

Meet The Trainers: Patrick

You see them during class, follow their guidance for 50 minutes, sweat and shake and maybe hate them as well for a short moment. But how much do you know about the PLTS trainers? Discover why these amazing people are the best guides in your journey to a stronger body & mind!

Meet Patrick Radu!

Patrick was born and raised in Germany and has started a career in teaching pilates and barre after retiring from dancing professionally. If you’ve taken a class with him, you will have noticed that he is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to work hard and keep going. Patrick has truly a heart of gold and we are happy to have him be part of the PLTS family!


Could you introduce yourself and your background? 

Hi, my name is Patrick, originally from Germany and lucky to be calling Amsterdam home for many years now. I have professionally danced my way around the globe, finally landing in Amsterdam. Following my retirement from the stage, I went into marketing and realized after two years I needed to connect movement with helping people, motivating them to do something good for themselves.

How did you grow an interest in reformer pilates?
Pilates (Machines), Yoga, Gyrotonics and other fitness related practices helped me prevent injuries and discover balance after retiring from my full-time dance career.

How did you become involved with PLTS? What’s the story behind it?

I first started with the Reformer workout, which I fell in love with immediately. After that, slowly I made the decision to become a trainer myself, following an intensive PLTS Academy and a full Pilates Machinery Comprehensive Study for one year via Polestar Pilates. Finally, thanks to Marco’s sweet recommendation, Renée and Guy welcomed me with open arms.

What is the most gratifying part of being a PLTS trainer?

That A Game Team Player mentality – within the business and in the studio with the community. We are all pulling on the same string, wanting to work hard, making one’s day, seeing the development and feeling accomplished.

What is the most challenging part of being a PLTS trainer?

Nothing really. You gotta love to do it, otherwise don’t teach. 😉

What keeps you inspired and motivated to teach?

The clients and community. I deliver a service/entertainment (because I love it). I can make someone’s day just by being myself, pushing them to their limits and naturally letting them feel good about themselves. They’re doing the work, I am just a help. And I love to help.

According to you, what sets PLTS apart? 

PLTS is a High Intensity Reformer Workout. Proper Reformer Work doesn’t feel like a HIIT class. It’s more detailed and specific in a rehabilitation way, which doesn’t make it any easier by the way ;). The music, vibe and flow of exercise is what makes PLTS a fun and special (and crazy hard) workout.

Do you have a word of advice for PLTS newbies? 

Try it! Get to know the machine and your body on it. Don’t be shy about asking questions. It’s your time – we want you to make the best of it and help you.

How have you been staying active, healthy & happy during the quarantine?

I was very lucky so far. My partner and I just returned from the USA, where we were stuck for 1,5 months. We could stay with my brother and his family though, which was a special and fantastic time together in sunny New Orleans. As much as I dislike it, I went running (was a nice challenge to push myself), followed some online yoga and set up my own Wednesday evening class on Instagram live. I miss teaching and the interaction with people. We set up a few Zoom meetings with our friends and family to catch up, playing games and of course having an occasional glass of wine while becoming a master chef these days hahah.

Finally, can you please share with us some of your current faves?


Favourite song: “Burgs” by Mt. Wolf & “Return to Oz (ARTBAT Remix)” by Monolink and ARTBAT

Favourite quote: “Let gratitude be the leading emotion in this crazy time.”

Favourite Netflix shows: Hollywood, Ozark, Unorthodox, Defending Jacob (Apple TV)

Favourite snack: Barnana Banana Bites Peanut Butter Cup Coating

Favourite quarantine memory: Spending time with my partner, brother, his wife and my 3-year-old nephew. Extra time we usually never have due to the distance.


Thank you Patrick!

See you on the reformer!


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