We asked dedicated members of the PLTS community to share their stories.

• What’s their focus at PLTS?
• What keeps them motivated when it gets tough?
• How have PLTS classes helped transform their body & mind and give real results?

Here’s what they say.


“I feel strong and I am so keen on getting even stronger. My PLTS classes shape my body in a different way than others, which is why I love them.”

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“I’ve always been on the thin side, healthy and like riding my bike, but this is the fittest as I have ever been. I have never had abs and shoulders before PLTS — and at age 50 no less.”

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“There is one word to describe how I feel: strong. I’m very proud being in such a great shape after having a baby, not by nature but by working out.”

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“I’m feeling really good and I’m so happy with my progress. Each week there were different areas that I could feel getting stronger.”

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“I feel much stronger and I gained self esteem which is really nice. My body feels strong, healthy and fit: exactly what I wanted!”

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