What You Could Be Doing During Quarantine (Or Not)

What You Could Be Doing During Quarantine (Or Not)

This week we learnt, with a heavy heart, that quarantine continues for at least another month. While unfortunate, it’s for the best and we hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy. You may have already read many times that these quaran-times are the perfect opportunity to find new hobbies or start a new habit. Yet, you might have not had the chance to start said new habit or have not found the perfect new pastime… we got you covered!

Things to accomplish in isolation:

  1. Start a podcast or YouTube channel
  2. Read 148 self-help books
  3. Save the world
  4. Just kidding

If you’re active on social media, you’ve likely seen how the ‘productivity obsession’ is still very much present. Now that there aren’t appointments to rush to, errands to run, traffic to sit in, we are at loss. “Must..be….BUSY“. People are encouraged to use this time efficiently and “do everything that you did not have the time for before”. This statement is not wrong, it’s just a reflection of our culture. But, this idea of always having to do something isn’t right for everyone! If making lists of things to accomplish and crossing them off one by one brings you joy, then go for it! But it is also important to embrace rest. Just because you are home all the time, does not mean you’re doing nothing. Most likely, you may be working from home and have people (yourself included) or pets to take care of. That’s something.

You see, there is no one size fits all way to spend your time during quarantine. There should be no guilt associated with your own time management decisions. Just because you now have the opportunity to sit down and stare at a wall for 30 minutes if you feel like it, doesn’t mean you’re wasting precious minutes if you choose to do so! It’s your time, you decide what you want to do with it. On top of this, we also often forget how important and valuable rest is. This quarantine is the perfect time to have some time off. Need a little scientific convincing? Have a listen to this podcast episode, hosted by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee.

So, if you feel a little down because you haven’t been doing as much as it seems everyone else is doing, do not worry. On the other hand, if you are still looking for something new and fun to do, go for it! We asked the PLTS community what they’ve been up to and here are some popular new hobbies/habits picked up during this time:

Baking was mentioned many times. For some, it was all about comfort and pleasure. For others, it was about experimenting. It’s true that if there is a time to try and fail multiple recipes with no pressure, it’s now!

Daily exercise was another frequent one. “Duh” you might think, but hey, not everyone works out everyday on a usual basis. Whether you’re running 10km or just stretching for 5min every morning, every little bit counts.

Slowing things down was mentioned by a few PLTS members. Often, this was associated with meals. You can take the opportunity to turn off screens, maybe grab a book, enjoy the company of your family/partner/housemates or the bliss of not having to wolf down an Albert Heijn wrap on your way to your next meeting.

Reading was another frequently mentioned pastime that many seem to be picking back up & appreciating with this newfound free time! No matter the genre, losing yourself in an old favorite or brand new book can be a wonderful creature comfort.

Gardening on your terrace, your actual back garden, indoors… there’s nothing like some plant therapy! In this same vein, more and more people are enjoying their terraces & giving their outdoor furniture a make over 😉

A glass of wine a day. Do we really need to add anything?

Nothing at all. And we support that 100% (if it wasn’t clear by now)!

Take care & see you on the reformer!



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