To supplement or not to supplement?

To supplement or not to supplement?

If you workout at PLTS, or anywhere for that matter, it’s likely you place importance on your body and health. When it comes to prioritizing your health, the internet can be a tricky place to do your research, with individual opinions and even false advertising presenting contradictory ideas. We know, it’s so confusing! And this is especially the case with supplements. Your local store might have rows and rows of pretty bottles filled with promises of health and wellness, but which one is truly useful for you?

We’ve asked Bianca Brangstrup, COO of the brand VITAVIVA and vitamin expert, a couple of questions to enlighten us on the issue. You might want to grab a cup of tea/coffee/matcha for this one!



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Q. Should everybody be taking food supplements?

A. First of all, supplements are not to replace any foods – your diet should be your main source of nutrients. That being said, it is extremely difficult to cover all your basic vitamin and mineral needs through food – it demands an extremely strict diet and let’s be honest – most of us don’t have time or knowledge to live by such. When did you last get your 600-700 g greens?

Secondly, our crops are not as nutrient dense as they use to be, which means they no longer contain the amount of essential nutrients they should. Why? Because of the way we choose to produce them – they have to grow faster and demands are bigger. This leads to mono crops – which deplete the soil from minerals. If you grow the same vegetable too many times in the same soil, if will run out of “juice” eventually.

We believe everyone can benefit from a daily boost of supplements. Adults and grown-ups. What they should take depends on different things.


Q. In what ways can supplements help me?

A. It is an investment in your health. Our mission at VITAVIVA, for example, is to keep people healthy and strong. We work with longevity and prevention. Supplements are made to boost your overall health, energy levels and balance in the body. It can help you refine your skin, support your digestion, lower inflammation or rebuild your muscles more effectively – if done right.

Everyone can benefit, but it takes knowledge and commitment if you want to see results.


Q. I have never taken supplements, where shall I begin? How can I determine what is right for me?

A. Well, it depends on different factors like age, diet and lifestyle! 

However, if you are a normal healthy person, we’d usually recommend a multivitamin and Omega 3 on a daily basis. This is to cover your basic needs for minerals and vitamins – it should act like a safety net to your diet. And remember there is a HUGE difference in multivitamin tablets – there are a lot of non-efficient products out there, a multivitamin is not just a multivitamin. The same goes for Omega 3 oils, which is super important for brain health. Supplements are hard to understand, so here are our advice on what to look for:

1. Price is an indicator of quality – a cheap multivitamin will most likely contain few synthetic ingredients – they are easy to produce but hard for the body to absorb, which means no or little effect.

2. Look for “greens”, “dehydrated greens” or “algea” in the multivitamin. This will mean better absorption in the body.

3. Look for a high content of Selenium – this is very important.

4. Check for important amino-acids:  L-Methionine, L-Cysteine og L-Glutamic Acid

5. Look for “high dosage”, “Potent” etc. This is often a marker for an effective multivitamin.

6. Regarding Omega 3 – make sure the oil is tested for toxins and heavy metals. Look for the TOTOX number – it should be below 10.

We strongly recommends you to get a blood test to see your levels of vitamins and minerals – then you really know what to work with.

Besides a multivitamin we often see lacks of Vitamin D3 during winter and Vitamin C is always a good idea to take on the side. They both boost the immune system and the body overall balance.

If you work out more than 3 times a week it’s very important to take extra Magnesium – it helps the muscles relax and rebuild better. Also good for your sleep.


Q. How many supplements can I take? Is there such a thing as too many supplements?

A. Again, it depends on your age, diet and lifestyle. Yes, there is such a thing as too many supplements and you should, of course, stick to the recommended dosage on the products. The best solution is to always discuss this with an expert, who will be able to guide you depending on your specific needs.


Did you know? A selection of VITAVIVA products are also still available at our studios. Our co-founder Renée Vervoorn has her own personal story with the brand and its products. It worked so well for her that she decided to sell them at PLTS. With the help of Bianca, they established what her body needed and Renée quickly saw results (less bloating, in her case), which had not been the case with other brands she had tried previously. Since then, more PLTS peeps, like our master trainer Jordi or management team member Jenn, have jumped on the VITAVIVA bandwagon, with many now swearing by the Vita Daily, the Organic Beetroot & Magnesium.


“It’s our mission at PLTS to help you feel stronger and more confident during every class, helping you become the best version of yourself – inside and out. I believe the VITAVIVA products assist in our mission.”

Renée Vervoorn


We hope this has given a little more insight on the world of supplements!

If you have any doubts or inquiries, we highly recommend contacting experts at VITAVIVA – their online chat is open every weekday for 9AM until 4PM.

See you on the reformer!





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