We are thrilled to introduce you to some of the diverse, strong, empowered, and kickass members of our community who work hard and prioritize PLTS in their busy daily lives. We asked each of them, “What’s your focus?”.  We have a feeling that you will find a bit of yourself in their stories!

Consider your own focus at PLTS, and commit to taking time for yourself!



Kim, a 48 year old mother, has been crushing it at PLTS for over 200 classes. For her, PLTS has become her “spot”.

She says,

Four and a half years ago I had an aneurysm in my small brain, the part where your balance is regulated.  I couldn’t walk anymore, and had no balance at all; I had to stay in a rehabilitation center for 2 months.

When I started with PLTS 1.5 years ago, I could do everything, but it was hard, and it showed me that I was still able to learn. PLTS fine tuned my balance, my confidence and strength. 

A few months ago, I started walking in heels again for a night out and I felt like my old self again.

What’s my focus? To get stronger and regain my balance, making me feel confident.


Isabelle, an inspired & creative brand manager, is a relative newcomer to PLTS, but her story is one many of us can relate to.

She says,

I have tried many different sports but never found the drive and strength to keep on doing them for the simple reason that I really didn’t enjoy them, so I always found 100 excuses not to go.

When I was introduced to PLTS, I was skeptical, but my colleagues convinced me to join them. And now, I can say the the 4 letter word… L O V E. 

PLTS has helped me to lose weight, tone my muscles, and reduce back pain. I get so much power, confidence, and energy from PLTS. The feeling that you are achieving something and that you can do it truly makes me a different person.

What’s my focus? To get stronger, show my body and mind that I can do it, feel more toned, and keep up my energy.


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Lotte is a 26 year old training to be a psychiatrist. For her, not being active isn’t an option, and PLTS is a priority for her own well-being!

She says,

I usually work out early, so I can fill my evenings with get togethers with friends. I go to PLTS early, just before going to work. I simply have to go, it’s not an option.

When I don’t go, I really miss the feeling of being flexible and strong all day long. 

What’s my focus? Becoming stronger and getting more flexible… but a big bum is more than welcome 😉


Vita is a 27 year-old Dutch native who moved to Amsterdam 10 years ago. “Sporty” is a word that she’d always used to describe herself until she began studying & working. Then she found PLTS.

She says,

I have always been very active; however, my motivation completely disappeared when I started studying in Amsterdam. Various gym memberships, personal trainings and failed yoga sessions followed.

I was introduced to Reformer Pilates and I was completely hooked! Even though I’m working full-time, I go to PLTS 4-5 times a week, I’m truly addicted to the classes and the after class glow. For me, it’s the best form of self-care and meditation after a long day. 

During my first lesson I almost fell off the reformer; but when I came to my second class I noticed immediately that I improved, which was such a motivating feeling! Now I am always seeking to improve my technique and master the routine… every time that I think I’ve got it and understand the sequence, Marco is changing it up and I start again!

What’s my focus? To constantly improve my technique… and obviously I would like to have a toned booty!


Rebecca, an American & French expat, is a mother to 3 boys who spends her time divided between working hard as a freelance graphic designer and pushing herself with staying active.

She says,

I am very physically active, quite strong, and very competitive with myself. I like to push myself, set goals, and meet them. Outside of the design world, I actively pursue barre at PLTS, power yoga, personal training, horseback riding, krav maga, and skiing when the season is right!

Being active gives me joy, gives me purpose and satisfaction, and most importantly gives me the energy with my body and mind to tackle the challenges of motherhood and work.

What’s my focus? To keep being strong, toned, and fit.