“What makes PLTS unique and so efficient is the whole workout’s flow. Exercises blend into each other rather than being separated by breaks like in traditional pilates. The absence of frequent breaks increases the burn and will make you sweat and shake like no other class will.”

Marco, Master Trainer

Why PLTS? Let’s break it down.

Despite the intimidating appearance, the PLTS reformer only has your best interests in mind & the scary appearance is deceiving! We all know working out is good for you, but what sets PLTS apart? We’ve gathered the benefits of reformer pilates for those in need of a reminder or to give you that last gentle nudge to sign up for the 3-class trial pack 😉

  • Reformer pilates will make you strong – whether you’ve never worked out in your life or hit the gym twice a day, pilates has something for you and will help with your muscle growth. The diversity of exercises and adaptability of the resistance means that the reformer can be suitable yet challenging for anybody.
  • It will work your core like nothing else. At PLTS, you will work your deep muscle core – this means that you will not only be sculpting your body, but also working on your posture, elongating your silhouette and recovering from/preventing potential back problems that come with age or cell phone-induced posture.
  • It will improve your balance and flexibility. The reformer’s moving carriage means a larger range of motion is possible, promoting muscle elongation and dynamic stretching which increases your flexibility. This also means that you must pay extra attention to your body and control your movements, building up your balance without even meaning to!
  • It’s time-effective. PLTS is a one-stop shop: cardio, strength training, ab day and stretching all in one workout. We know life can become demanding, which makes PLTS classes ideal. You get the opportunity to take care of your body (and mind) in only 50 minutes and leave the studio feeling amazing, ready to tackle your next tasks. 
  • It will make you happier. It really will! Just one hour of pilates a week has been shown to increase your overall mood in a positive way. 

We make you feel stronger & more confident during every class, helping you become the best version of yourself inside & out.

See you on the reformer!

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