How To Stay Efficient & Productive When Working From Home

How To Stay Efficient & Productive When Working From Home

For most of us, our work routine has drastically shifted over the past few weeks. No more commuting, no more coffee breaks with colleagues, work life has now settled in inside our homes. Of course, this offers a lot of advantages in terms of flexibility and comfort, but this sudden freedom also means we need to be more responsible with our time, as well as with our mind and bodies. For example, it might be tempting to work on your couch, surrounded by blankets and pillows and to have your favorite Netflix show playing in the background. Cozy, we know, but is it really the most efficient way to accomplish your work?

Now, we know there is not one recipe that would suddenly turn you into productivity kings and queens. So instead, we gathered your favorite tips that help you get in the work zone, stay focused and make the most out of the quarantine. We also asked PLTS rockstar Amy Lawrenson for some expert advice. Amy is a beauty and wellness editor who works from home and offered us major insights on the ups and downs of remote working.


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Q. What does the start of your day look like? Do you sleep in?

Amy. Personally, I’m not an early bird so I tend to wake up about 8am which gives me enough time to have my probiotics and a cup of coffee before doing my workout. Right now, I’m logging on daily to the PLTS IG live session at 10am, then I am following it with another workout in the garden either skipping or free weights. We’re lucky to have an outdoor space, but if we didn’t I would just be sure to throw open all the windows and let some fresh air in.

PLTS Community: “Start the day with a short meditation & workout.” (@reneevervoorn)

Q. Do you get ‘ready for work’?

Amy: In a way, yes. After working out, I’ll have a protein shake and jump in the shower. It’s so tempting to just stay in your PJs all day but having that separation of getting ready for the day really helps avoid falling into a funk. 

PLTS Community: “Dress like you would for work/the office! Pajamas aren’t going to kickstart your productiveness.” (@ivanany)

Q. How do you organize your work day?

Amy. When it comes to being freelance and working from home I learned very early on that your day needs structure and a routine. That feels even more vital right now. If you don’t have one, I’d recommend jotting down a loose daily timetable. 

I usually start work at 11am. I’ll do a couple of hours until about 1pm and then I’ll have lunch and take my supplements. We’re trying to eat as healthy as possible so I might make a tuna salad or wrap. I try to get away from the screen at lunchtime so I’ll either read a book or give family or friends a call. Then I’ll get back to work. 

PLTS Community: “Put in your airpods & get in the zone.” (@_tessanorah)

Q. Where do you usually work?

Amy: I try to set aside an area to work – usually at the dining table, but my partner is working from home too so there has to be some compromise over who gets the table and who has to sit on the sofa! 

PLTS Community: “Create an ‘office’, so your living room stays a place for relaxing & fun, and work stays in the office.” (@marithluijendijk)

Q. What’s the hardest part?

Amy: For me, the evenings are tough. I’m super social so I’d usually go out for dinner or drinks with friends so I’m trying to set up conference calls or meet-ups on the Houseparty app with friends a few days in advance to give me something to look forward to. BC (before Coronavirus) I did improv classes with Easy Laughs and singing lessons with Claudia Rolando and they’re now providing evening online meet-ups and classes which is amazing. 

PLTS Community: “Personally, I find it hard to keep from endlessly snacking! I always find myself walking to the fridge without even realizing it. When I find myself doing this, I’ll put the kettle on to make some tea.” (@hannah.abroad)

Q. How are you staying happy and healthy in these strange times?

Amy: I’m trying to get up and move about in the flat or garden as much as possible – whether that’s stretching, dad dancing, or playing with the cats, moving as much as possible, I find, helps ward off fatigue and negative thoughts! Especially listening to upbeat music, a happy playlist definitely helps me through the days.

Taking up a hobby right now is not such a bad idea, I’m currently trying to learn Dutch. But, on the flipside, I have to stress that we shouldn’t feel pressure to come out of this having accomplished anything more than getting through it. It’s a tough time for us all mentally and physically so just know whatever you can do each day is enough. A friend of mine has started writing down 3 things she is grateful for every evening and I’ve started doing the same. As scary and frustrating as this is, I hope that we’ll come out of this feeling closer to friends and family and able to appreciate the smaller things in life.  

PLTS Community:

“Do 3 things a day you really like to take care for yourself (workout, juice, nap, healthy meals).” (@demiduivenvoorden)

“Give yourself something you can’t have elsewhere, such as fresh coffee or the best seat!” (@carhermanns)

Hopefully you’ve had some renewed inspiration! Share this post with friends & family who may need some tips to help with remote working.


See you on the reformer!

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