"Not only does PLTS continue to transform my body, it has made me more flexible, leaner, and stronger."

- Andy Torres, @StyleScrapbook

"PLTS has helped me to lose weight, tone my muscles, and reduce back pain. I get so much power, confidence, and energy from PLTS. The feeling that you are achieving something and that you can do it truly makes me a different person."

- Isabelle v. G.

"I'm truly addicted to the classes and the after class glow. For me, it's the best form of self-care and meditation after a long day."

- Vita v. d. K.

"I love PLTS not only for their workouts, which helped me to get more fit, toned and lose weight but I also fell in love with the people: everybody is just so motivated and joyful! "

- Barbara G.

"This is all PLTS... I didn't have abs before PLTS!"

- Eva R.