Burn. Sweat. Shake. Love.

You ready for that burn? That shake? That sweaty line between I’m killing it & I’m dying? That boom shakalaka ready to take on the world feeling? You’ve come to the right place.

Our 50 minute high-intensity, full-body Reformer Pilates and Barre Classes will crush calories, improve strength and posture all while working to lengthen and tone those muscles. Not to mention, that killer butt you’ll be strutting out of the studio with.


  • How does it work

    At PLTS, we offer two different but complementary 50 minute workouts– our revolutionary Reformer Pilates and celebrated & much beloved Barre class. Our Reformer workouts always begin at the top of the hour, while the Barre workouts start ten past every hour.

    Both classes are high intensity, but are suitable for any age, gender, and fitness level.

    We believe in the beauty of simplicity, so getting started is quite easy. You create an account here on our website, purchase the package of your choice, reserve your spot in any available class, then #getyourasstoclass. Easy.


    Reformer Pilates

    Get ready to plank, lunge, pike, twist, mermaid, and we’ve got a whole new definition of scrambled eggs for you. Our Reformer Pilates classes are done on a hypermodern reformer machine, so your full body workout will take place with the resistance of weighted springs that will result in constant (and killer) core engagement.

    This workout activates your slow-twitch muscle fibers, leading to the lean and toned muscles we are looking for, not to mention the enormous amount of calories you’ll be burning each session. This class will take you out of your comfort zone to achieve more with that beautiful body than you ever dreamed you could.

    Barre Workouts

    Our beat-driven & intense Barre class will help you achieve a sculpted, strong and lean body through a mix of both ballet & fitness exercises. We give you the best of both worlds. Our always evolving mix of movement is fun yet challenging. The barre routines are a total body workout: muscles get toned, your body sculpted, core strengthened and you’ll feel energised beyond limits.

    People call our workouts “The Angels Workouts” because all the Victoria Secret Models use these workouts to get in top shape.


Hollywood in Amsterdam

People call our workouts “The Angels Workouts” because although our hyper-modern reformer pilates and barre workouts are still quite new in Amsterdam, in the U.S. the list of fans include Gisele Bundchen, Beyonce, Kate Hudson, and basically every single Victoria’s Secret Angel who has ever existed. With results like this, it’s hard not to love.

Boutique Studio

Our boutique studio the perfect place to get inspired, empowered & positively energized. Our class sizes are small with a maximum of 10 clients per class. We keep class size small because this is 50 minutes out of your day just for you and you deserve to have time to have personal attention from our trainers.

So Much More Than a Sweat Session

PLTS is so much more than just a workout. Yes, you’ll leave the studio with your whole body feeling that burn, but you’ll also be walking out our door with a certain glow to you. At PLTS we have an incredible combination of inspirational instructors, music pumping, and personal limit pushing that sets us apart. You’ll have that boom-shakalaka, spring in your step confidence to carry with you and keep rocking it out in the world.