Are the classes for all levels of fitness?

The routines of both the Reformer Pilates and th Barre Workout can be attended by everyone. If you are a beginner and not that fit (yet), you could just do less repetitions and refrain from the use of weights in the Barre classes. In the Reformer Pilates classes you could also just pause from time to time, when needed, and/or do less repetitions as well. You can adjust the strings in the machine to match your own (fitness) level. Our teachers will be more than happy to help you out when you mention you’re a beginner in these workouts.

All PLTS classes can be made more intense if you are quite fit already. Even athletes train on Reformer Pilates machines. We offer advanced routines in Reformer Pilates for those who want to take it up a notch and challenge themselves with new & demanding exercises.

I’m pregnant. Can I do these workouts?

Yes, both the classes are applicable for pregnant women. The barre routine is a safe routine all the way through your pregnancy since it’s (mostly) all about body weight exercises.

The Reformer Pilates routine is doable till the 6th or 7th month of the pregnancy, depending how you feel. After that moment, it’s too demanding on your core and ab muscles.About three to four months after child birth you’re able to get back on the Reformer track (if all went ‘well’). Please always consult your doctor before attending our classes.

Are these workouts only for women and not for men?

Both workouts are for both sexes. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Are socks mandatory both for Barre and Reformer classes?

Yes, they are in both the barre and the reformer Pilates studio for safety & hygiene reasons. We sell them for € 15,- or bring your own.

Can I only do Barre and/or Reformer classes on my3-class trial pack?

We strongly advise you to experience both routines as they are such a great addition to one-another. But if you really feel the barre or reformer sequence is not for you, you’re free to skip trying that workout and focus on what makes you happy (and strong) 🙂

Do I need an account on PLTS.nl?

Yes, everyone joining a class needs an account. Create it online or we can do it for you at the frontdesk.

Is it possible to bring a friend on my account and package?

Sorry, that’s not possible, although we love it when you bring a friend. If someone wants to join a class they need to create their own account and sign up.

Can I just walk in and join a class?

You could do that, but there is a risk that the class is already full. And even then, we need to check you in from your account. We strongly advise you to check the schedule on this website and book the class of your desire. That way you’re assured of a spot in your favourite class.

How long before class can I cancel the class I’ve signed up for?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. All spots cancelled before 24 hours prior to the start of the class is free of costs. Everything within those 24 hours prior to the start of the class is being billed to your account. (since we most likely can’t sell that spot anymore to anyone else). We need to be quite strict on this.

Is it possible, during the 8 WEEKS PLAN, to do only 2 classes in a certain week and then 4 the week after?

Yes, that’s possible. You can schedule the 24 classes over 10 weeks.

Although we recommend doing three classes per week, for the best results ;-).

Is the nutrition plan (part of the 8 weeks plan) personalised?

The food plan is not personalised. It’s based upon our extended knowledge of food & meal plans & dieting (we also own the company www.cleanmeals.nl). It offers information, guidelines and a healthy diet plan to guide you through those 8 weeks. It works like crazy without being a crash-diet. If you want you can have a sneak peak at the reception ;-).

When I go on a holiday and/or have an injury can I freeze the valid time of my classes?

All PLTS packages have an expiring date which is shown when you buy a package and you can always check it in your account.If you have an injury with which you cannot work-out, please let us know by email, accompanied with a doctors declaration so we can freeze your account. Holidays don’t count, sorry 😉

When exactly does the valid time of my recently bought classes begins?

It starts right after purchasing the class pack. So buy it & get your ass to class!

Can I get my money back or give my sessions to someone else?

No, sorry. Make up your mind 😉

How does the wait-list work?

It could be that your favourite class is full. You can put yourself on the wait-list, or book another class. If you are on the wait-list and a spot comes available, you will be added to the class and notified by e-mail. You will be mailed max 3 hours before the class starts, so you still have time to pack your gymbag. So if you are on the waitlist, please check your mail regularly.